Don't Let Droppings Drop Your Tenant Retention

Keep your property clean with professional waste management

When your property is rife with dog waste, it makes interested tenants run for the hills. Hire ScooperHero LLC for waste removal service. Once a week, we'll survey your property and remove all traces of excrement. You'll feel confident showing off your gorgeous property, free of dog poop.

We offer annual contracts, along with one-time clean up service for special events. Call now to schedule your appointment.

3 benefits of hiring a professional waste removal company

Arranging waste removal service not only improves the look of your property, it also:

  • 1. Prevents the spread of harmful bacteria
  • 2. Keeps other pups away from nasty poo
  • 3. Increases the value of your property

Your tenants are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. When doggy bags run out or if time escapes them, this leaves your property filled with poop. Enlist the help of our professional team to remove waste when your tenants forget. Call now to schedule your appointment.